My Story

Little Bubboo all started as when I had my first born Illidan, I was forever struggling to find anything different for him to wear so I changed my usual sewing methods and gave children's wear a go. Just 15 months later I welcomed my little Rogue into the world, this sparked a creative side of me I never thought I would know and ever since I have been creating for my two beautiful humans! This gave me the option to explore with both boys and female clothing. Eventually my children were overflowing with clothes and my hubby said "This is enough, you need to take this further". I started off just like anyone, selling little bits at the market, on facebook and instagram, I was overwhelmed with the love and support I received from strangers and continuous order flow! I then thought why not make a website? Make it easier for my customers to order as they have whole access to everything I make!

I'm forever grateful I shifted my passion for sewing towards Children wear, there is something so beautiful about little clothes for tiny humans. I strive to be different and give customers the choices they deserve, by doing that I give you full rein of what fabrics you would like to use to create the piece you desire. Not only that but I can guarantee endless love is put into each and every piece and I take pride in the fact I only use the highest quality fabric to give you the best results. 

Why buy from Little Bubboo?

At Little Bubboo our goal is to create something special and unique to your little humans. We don't want to limit you to certain pieces, we will forever grow and offer you nothing but the best. Everything in this store is lovingly handmade by me, a Mumma in Brisbane, Australia. 

My goal is to try to keep every piece fun and edgy while keeping up with trends. It's important as a mum to try to keep prices as fair as possible to give you the opportunity to support a small handmade business, while keeping our high standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Lastly I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read about Little Bubboo, we appreciate each and every customer!